• Global Composite Piping Solutions.

    The globally preferred large diameter, engineered piping solution for Water, Energy and Industrial applications.


Max-Pipe’s composite reinforced plastic technology is uniquely positioned to displace other large market pipe materials including steel pipe and change the industry. Max-Pipe provides high pressure (500+ psi), large diameter, easy installation and corrosion free performance for the life of the project.

  • Thermoplastic reinforced UD tape wrapped pipe is a cost effective option to replace steel, RTR and other materials, especially in large diameter pipe.
  • Max-Pipe has a unique patented technology that fulfills the need the market is demanding, with no equivalent competition.
  • Max-Pipe onsite manufacturing will reduce both pipe and logistics costs, and enable thermoplastic replacement of steel and other materials.
  • Max-Pipe is seeking strategic investors.


FiberFlex-12 is designed to compete with 12”-24” DR 7 HDPE Pipe and Steel pipe for permanent pipelines with a working pressure of 300-600 psi. 12” DR 17 HDPE host pipe (11.5” ID) that is wrapped with continuous HDPE glass fiber (GF-60) tape to achieve the desired pressure rating. Pipe joints can be fused using standard HDPE fusion equipment.

FiberFlex was a finalist in three regions during the 2013 Oil & Gas Awards, Manufacturer of the Year in the Western U.S. region, and also won the JEC Composites Innovation Award Oct. 2, at JEC Americas 2013 in Boston, Mass, in the Pipes & Water Management category.

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